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Female Christ Eau De Parfum


Female Christ by 19-69 is earthy and woody with integrity.  In 1969, a naked woman carrying a cross, walked through the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. The performance act went under the name “Female Christ”.

All 19-69 fragrances are suitable for any gender.

“The social revolution and constant transgression of boundaries in the late 1960s meant that artists expressions took new directions. Some artists opposed of dominant values and behavior of society by using performance art: art that exists while in progress. However, this also means that significant voices and parts of art historý from this time period risk to fade as they only exist as photographic or filmed records. By creating a fragrance with the same name, 19-69 ensures that the memory is immortalized.”


100ml glass bottle.


Fragrance notes include Patchouli, Rhubarb and Cashmere Wood.