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Blue Medium Ceramic Waves Bowl


The medium Waves bowls are hand sculpted in an organic form, producing a shape unique to each piece and reminiescent of Puglia's white washed walls. Each bowl is hand painted with an artwork inspired by the summer sun. A modern interpretation with a timeless quality that embraces Puglia's three thousand year old ceramic traditions. 

Designed to serve a side salad or dish, or bowl of delicious pasta.

Inspired by Puglia's landscape, blue skies and the dazzling blue Adriatic sea, each piece in the Apulian Skies edition brings a touch of Puglia to the entertainers table with its Mediterranean palette and painterly brushstrokes. Limited quantities made.

Origin - Puglia, Italy

Colour - Vibrant blue with an Eggshell base

Material - Ceramic

Dimensions 23cm diameter x 6cm high

Care - Ceramic can chip and break if dropped or knocked against a hard surface. Dishwasher safe. Not oven or microwave safe. Majolica Ceramics can be susceptible to rapid temperature changes which cause thermal expansion. Where very hot soups or liquids are to be served, we recommend allowing them to cool before pouring into the bowl to prevent potential cracking occurring.