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Agati Natural Parfum - Root Chakra Balancing Fragrance


Agati by Tulita is a deep, rich, and grounding fragrance, Agati blends earthy woods of Australian Sandalwood, Virginian Cedarwood and French Cypress with the robust warmth of cardamom, black pepper and ginger, all beautifully balanced with green notes of basil, violet leaf and hints of Smokey vanilla.

Suited to: Genderless. For anyone feeling untethered & craving groundedness.

Top Notes: Bergamot (Italy), Basil (Egypt), Black pepper (Madagascar), Ginger (India), Violet Leaf.
Middle Notes: Cardamom (India), Cedarwood (USA), Cypress (France) Base Notes: Sandalwood (Australia), Patchouli (Indonesia), Vetiver (Haiti)

Activated Red Tigers Eye Crystal Cap to balance Root Chakra
Red Tigers eye is abundant in earthly energy, inspiring you to ground yourself, create unshakeable foundations, and boldly embrace the myriad of experiences life has to offer.


50 ml Bottle. 

This Parfum and it's packaging are natural, biodegradable, plastic negative, refillable, reusable, upcycled and recyclable, contributing to the preservation of both oceans and lands.