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Kasbah Eau De Parfum


Kasbah is inspired by the colorful and creative party scene of Marrakesh during the 1960’s and 1970’s. The scent is woody and welcoming with soft oriental spices.

All 19-69 fragrances are suitable for any gender.

“Stories of how Talitha and Paul Getty, Paul Bowles, Mick Jagger, Veruschka and Yves Saint Laurent all resided in Marrakesh have always inspired me. I´m intrigued by how they were enticed by the kingdom´s energy and dynamic and used it for influences and escapes: clothes, colors, music, interior and drugs. So, the fragrance of Kasbah is a capture of this era.”


100ml glass bottle.


Fragrance notes include White Honey, Amber and Sandalwood.