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Handmade Incense Stick


This Incense is lovingly handmade with essential oils and is 100% plant based. The signature scent `A T U M is blended on a Sandalwood base. The Sandalwood is ground harvest from Western Australia. Ground harvest means that no trees have been harmed in the sourcing of this Sandalwood and only the branches that have fallen to the ground have been used.  

Using the lens of Shamanism, Love Alkemy weave layers of prayer, ceremony and ritual through every step of their making, transforming this everyday item into a sacred tool. This ceremonial grade incense is perfect for use in your own sacred rituals and is a perfect alternative to a smudge stick. Of course you can simply light and enjoy the intoxicating smell of this beautiful blend.  

These incense sticks have a beautiful smooth, even burn that take you on a transcendental journey. Its magical essence can be felt within minutes as it quietens the mind and clears the space. Surrender to the journey and witness where these potent incense sticks take you.